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The plight of South Sudan Girls

The safety of girls in South Sudan is not guaranteed during cattle raiding and revenge killings, the girls are sexually abused. Girls are sexually exploited by traders who offer necessities that parents cannot afford. The gifts include money as well as material items from the shop e.g. Clothes, shoes, underwear, sandals among others. 

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    Lack of sanitary pads has been mentioned as one of the challenges facing girls. Most of the time girls are withdrawn from school to concentrate on house chores like fetching water, firewood and taking care of siblings. Other barriers to girls accessing education were long distances to school, which was not safe for the girls and lack of basic needs provision by parents e.g. shoes, school uniform, pens. The girls are also forced into marriage as early as 12 years of age. Most girls who can’t resist, run away from home, others commit suicide. Girls depend on well-wishers for such items.

    You can put a smile on the face of these girls by sponsoring a girl for education and construction of Women & Girls Friendly Spaces

    Which need would you like to Support

    1. Educate a girl
    2. Construction of WGFs
    3. Provide sanitary Pads

    Education Situation in South Sudan

    South Sudan has gone through tremendous period of destruction as result of civil wars. As result of wars, most schools were vandalized in the region during conflict. Most girls and boys do not have access to education in this community because there are no school infrastructure, teachers and scholastic materials. 

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      The families in rural cannot afford sending children to urban centres for education due to lack of fees, uniform, books and other school items. Some areas have temporary structures used as school, but do not meet the minimum standards of a learning environment. Also kids have to walk long distances to access such structures. Most schools have no feeding program, this led to most children dropping out of school. There are no sanitation facilities in schools. Most of the time, teachers don’t turn up regularly to teach, this has been attributed to the lack of incentives (salary) for teachers. The teachers are tired of volunteering and there is nothing the school administration can do.

      You can help South Sudan children access education through contribution towards construction of a classroom, provision of scholastic materials and incentive for teachers

      Which course would you like to Support?

      1. Construction of classrooms
      2. Provide school materials
      3. Provide incentive for teachers

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